Weight Loss

Are you looking for professional help to guide you on your weight loss journey?

Are you tired of constantly trying all the diets under the sun and all kinds of weird and exotic supplements and concoctions, without much success?

Let’s try something different.

Hi, my name is Manuel Attard and I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist here in Gozo/Malta.

After completing my first degree in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Malta, my interest in health and nutrition led me to further my studies at the University of Glasgow (UK), where in 2010 I obtained my Masters in Human Nutrition.

I became an AFN-registered nutritionist and started practicing in the United Kingdom, however, I decided to specialize further and thus spent the next four years in London working on my second degree in Dietetics. This included the opportunity to work and train at various hospitals, including Harefield Transplant Hospital and the prestigious Royal Brompton Hospital. Finally, in 2014 I gained the necessary experience and qualifications to become a Registered Dietitian.

The difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian is that nutritionists work with healthy people helping them to stay healthy. On the other hand, a registered dietitian is further specialized to work with clients having medical conditions, and in fact registered dietitians are the only legally recognized professionals that can prescribe diets to individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and food allergies.

After five years in the United Kingdom, I moved back to Malta where I started working as a dietitian at Mater Dei Hospital and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta. In 2018 I then started working at Gozo General Hospital and I am also involved with the Barts and London Medical School as a Visiting Lecturer.

As a nutritionist and registered dietitian, I am uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals, not just for weight loss but even more importantly, to get you as healthy as possible.

We’ll start by going over your medical history, which will involve reviewing any medications or blood test that you have. Then, we’ll discuss your current lifestyle as well as personal preferences and food likes and dislikes. Finally, together we’ll come up with a tailored diet plan that is not only effective for weight loss, but also practical and include foods that you enjoy. A body composition analysis will also be undertaken, and a follow up appointment set. The frequency of follow ups will depend on each person.

My priority is your health and your long term success, so you can be assured that I will not try to turn you into a lettuce-eating rabbit or a shake & supplement guzzler (which are often not safe or healthy at all). I stick strictly to evidence-based approaches personalized to your individual needs. This is my simple secret to success: science and focus on the individual.

So, if you have reached my page by googling “weight loss gozo/malta”, then I invite you to give me a call on 99 26 82 40 or send me an email on diet@manuelattard.com and let’s get started! Online sessions also available.

Manuel Attard M.Sc RD – Gozo/Malta Nutritionist & Dietitian, at your service 🙂

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